Tuesday, 14 April 2015


Experience Easter was a resounding success this year as always.
We were privileged to tell the Easter story to 420 children from 
Bowlee Park, Parkfield and Parish schools.

Palm Sunday
Talking to the children about Hopes and Dreams

Washing of the feet,
Showing the children how Jesus was the Servant King

The Last Supper
Enabling the children to do as the disciples did
on that last night of Jesus' life
Breaking and sharing bread and drinking the wine

The Garden of Gethsemane.
Asking the children to think how Jesus felt when he was 
Alone and afraid

The Crucifixion
Telling the story of the cruelty and the reason
for the death of Jesus.

the children hear about how afraid the disciples were when
 they realised the stone had been rolled back  and the
body of Jesus was gone!

He is Risen

We thank Hilary for organising the event this year and all the
helpers, who pulled together to make this a brilliant event.

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